Songs of Silver Banks


This recording is made in march 2011, when I was at the sanctuary for marine mammals ”Silver Banks”, north of the Dominican Republic.

It gives you an idea of how this fascinating creatures communicate with each other in the sea. At one point we also entered the water close to a singer. Even though we were not close enough to see him (or her?), the water vibrated so strong with the song, that it was like standing in front og a speaker at a nightclub - if you get what I mean.

Such a beautiful experience, that I couldn´t hold my tears from running down in my mask...

If you are interested in more photos and other material about the humpback whales, please send an mail to me - and I will put you up on a list for newsletters. In that way you will get to know when my website about my project ”Beneath the surface” is ready!

Love from

Eva Johnson

Nordarc Architecture and Photography


Humpbacks singing